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Funny how memories are formed, how intricately they intertwine to create our sense of self, happiness, and health. Growing up, I remember sharing meals with my parents that culminated in having a cup of tea and a crispy, simple, delicious snack of nuts and seeds. It was the ultimate taste of simplicity, energy, and health. Years later, I discovered the same crispy taste in Norway. So I made it my mission to recreate the magic in my kitchen and came up with SeedSnax that I want to share. Simple gluten-free ingredients, high in protein and fiber. Yet, I'm most proud of the feeling of happiness that seems to linger after each bite.

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Low carb. Delicious. Nutritious.

Our Product 

SeedSnax is produced from whole seeds only, without use of any flour or binding agents. Four distinctive ingredients of our product offer unique benefits, making it truly a superfood. 

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